Cyber Punk

January 1989 Cyber-Punk – Jamie Reid – Jon Savage England’s Dreaming interview London’s Outrage – Sex Pistols – Cyber-Punk by Mark Downham Class War by Stewart Home – Blast 88 England’s Dreaming: Jon Savage interview 5/8/88 Elgin Avenue “The constant, which is expressed in different ways, is an approach to the same problem, which is […]


February 1988 Televisionaries Vagrunts: Apocalypse Now in Stoke Newington comic strip by Perry Harris Red Army Faction – Generation Zero – Abolition of Work Smile supplement – Viz – Football Televisionaries: Red Army Faction – Baader-Meinhof gang pop history was republished as Vague 26 1994 and has been revised and expanded in digital format as […]

Control Data Manual

Videodrome – Riot Control – Freemasons Jack the Ripper – Illuminati – JFK Assassination Mark Stewart – Robert Anton Wilson ‘Vague is an extremely intense, radical, funny, el cheapo, deep-biting English mag with indescribable assortment of subject matter. Ugly as sin, but invaluable.’ Ivan Stang Sub-Genius Foundation ‘Vague has slack; Vague has Sub-Genius brag; Vague […]

Vague 7

November 1980 Adam and the Ants ‘Kings of the Wild Frontier’ Tour programme – interview and reviews – Animals and Men – Human League The Cure – The Passions – The Scars – Another Pretty Face Adam and the Ants: Kings of the Wild Frontier ‘Vague is growing a deserved reputation as one of the […]

Vague 6

September 1980 The Pop Group – The Slits – Crass – Devo – Gary Glitter The Jam – Mo-Dettes – Martian Dance – UK Subs – Cosmetics Swindle book – Ants – Program – The Squad Anarchy in Shaftesbury Vague 6 featured the Pop Group and the Slits at Alexandra Palace centrespead, the Crass mini-riots […]

Vague 5

July 1980 Adam and the Ants – Sex Pistols The Great Rock and Roll Swindle – The Cure The Passions – Human League – The Undertones – The Specials Bodysnatchers – Go-Go’s – Anti-vivisection demo Adam and the Ants – see Vague 7 Kings of the Wild Frontier tour programme Antzine As well as the […]

Vague 3

March 1980 The Ramones – The Clash – The Boys – The Raincoats – Program The Softies – Decentralisation – Perry cartoons – The Tours The Kitchens – The Mental – Toyah – Vice Squad Issue 3 was the first one printed at Skittles in Gillingham, Dorset, by the station. Our hippy printers Rob and […]

Vague 4

April 1980 Mikey Dread/Dread at the Controls – Revelation Rockers/Talisman Animals and Men – Moskow – The Wait – Grandma Moses The QT’s – Lemmy – Stiff Little Fingers – Plain Characters Vague 4, the most local west country issue and the best produced, featured Mikey Dread of Dread at the Controls and Clash tour […]

Vague 2

December 1979 Joy Division – Gang of Four – Red Crayola – Buzzcocks – Futurama PIL – Ants – Program – Salisbury bands – Identity Crisis – QTs Kitchens – Crimmos – Stalag 44 – Magic Mushrooms Vague 2, the hippest most post-punk and local issue, was also the worst produced. There was a rave […]

Vague 1

November 1979 Siouxsie and the Banshees – Adam and the Ants The Cure – The Ruts Two Tone and Rough Trade ‘Every day the seditious seeds planted by Sniffin’ Glue and Ripped & Torn bear some unlikely fruit. Every day another young editor staggers proudly under the Westway with a new bag of radical reading […]